Tatiana Quard is a fashion designer from Paris based in Tokyo.
Before graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Tatiana interned for
Melitta Baumeister at the PFW, Patrik Ervell in New York, and Julien David in Tokyo.
She then moved to Paris to work for an upcycling brand.

In 2021, Tatiana moved to Tokyo in order to develop her own clothing brand.
TATIANA QUARD is a sustainable and unisex brand that aims to go against mass production, by using only end of rolls from surplus fabrics. All fabrics are made in Japan and sourced at local family businesses. The clothes are made in Japan,
and due to the nature of the fabrics, all pieces are limited editions.

In her work, Tatiana plays with the shape of the garment so as to multiply the possibilities of the wearer, giving the wearer the freedom to interpret the garment,
and to wear it their own way.

Tatiana’s work has strong ties with visual arts.
Her pieces have been exhibited in Amsterdam and Munich,
and she has collaborated with up-and-coming visual artists from France and Denmark.

Tatiana’s work is inspired by modern and contemporary art as much as it is by everyday life, from the stroke of an abstract painting to the shape of a building,
from traditional dresses to contemporary workwear.