This serie is the outcome and realization between two independent visual pratitioners. One is based in Amsterdam and the other in Paris. This collaboration investigates new possibilities of turning contemporary painting into garments. Once worn, they become living statues through the movements of the one who wears them. Alongside movement, light and re ections come into play as the garments changes for the audience.
The futuristic designs are inspired by the two artists’ own cultural heritage as well as in uences that lies outside their own cultural references.
The name aspired from the binary star constellations of Alpha Centauri A+B brings in a certain level of fascination from science ction and its relentless speculation on interstellar acceleration, astronautical workwear and space technologies.
Like the Alpha Centauri stars or like a pendulum racing between two points, the garments come in pairs as they depend on each other, therefore they cannot work as single garments.

In collaboration with Danish Artist Johannes Holt Iversen

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