‘Born and raised in the French capital, Tatiana studied art history for her A-level,  and a year at Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin in Mulhouse before applying to the Rietveld, where she chose to study Fashion. Fifteen years in ballet also taught her a life long appreciation for the art of movement. After assisting Melitta Baumeister for two seasons during Paris Fashion Week, Tatiana interned at Patrik Ervell in New York and then flew over to Japan for a second internship at Julien David.

Tokyo turned out to be the perfect source of inspiration for Tatiana’s graduation project. “What I found most interesting in the Japanese way of dressing is the fact that they keep using old traditional concepts like ‘Ma’, ‘Mu’ and ‘Wabi-sabi’. This made me reconsider the role of clothes in our society and what it can be.” A very particular inspiration was the construction workers’ clothing called Sagyōfuku, and by interviewing these handsomely dressed workers, she learned about the unusual pride they take in their uniforms. The sheer fact that this traditional workwear is currently in danger of being replaced for Western style garb - in name of the upcoming Olympics for example - triggered Tatiana to dedicate her collection to this matter of identity. “I related the identity the Tobi-Shokunin put into their uniform to the identity of the outfit itself. I want to question the idea of clothes and their representation in the fashion industry as well as in daily life.”’

Mo Veld

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